Will the Dow drop below 29888

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The sky is falling. We won’t have any meaningful positive economic news for 2-3 years. Lots of people tried to tell you this and Jerome Powell told you this 2 days ago. He couldn’t have been more clear.

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I think it goes below 24000.

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Hopefully people don’t listen to you and wait to buy when it truly bottoms. Because it ain’t done yet. Especially when inflation remains above 8% and interest rates keep being increased.

Looks like a retest to me. Back at the same prices I bought in June. I’ll buy some more here.


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Monday will be very telling

will guys go home and think things over and come back to the reality that the sky isn’t falling. We are just getting back to pre COVID levels

Or will they continue to sell

I think A

Looking at the charts for the day vs the charts for the first few hours of trading, there weren’t many optimistic opportunists buying at an afternoon discount. At least that’s the story amongst my holdings.

That isn’t a good sign.

Agreed - wild ride…

That’s a Friday afternoon. You think Monday after a weekend to digest will change minds sir will it drive things down even more

42069 top calling it now.

If it hits that im likely calling it quits on work. Do shit for myself then

Well shit.

Thread fail for sure

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