Will the elites security turn on them after shtf?

Let’s say there is a situation that the world as we know it breaks down and the elite go to their compounds in New Zealand or where ever. The security guards know they aren’t getting a pay check any more and the world is fucked. They are sitting on this compound with food, ammo and fuel. Do you think they kick out the rich guys?

I read that there was a meeting in Davos or something like that and this was a concern

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There was a scenario just like that in World War z (the book) iirc

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Yes and no.

Yes if things are really bad. No because if they successfully protect their client their rep will be bulletproof when things calm down.

If it is every man for himself, then the rich guys will be taking a hike.

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I think it matters how you got your wealth. If you are perceived to be a guy who caused the collapse I think you will be taking a dirt nap


I have a friend who was military and now he does executive protection in LA for some asshole billionaires and I asked him if would really take a bullet for one of these assholes and he said it was a thing of honor for him and that he made the commitment when he agreed to the contract so “yes”. I suspect that many in that line of work are similarly disposed though obviously not all.

Aka they threatened his families

I’m amazed something’s not happened yet. Amazed. I’m confident it will though. When it does, it will get interesting.

Awful lot of guns out there, lots of them. Matter of time before they are used. That’s what I see anyway. When it happens, I’m not going to say the people didn’t have a reason. It’s going to happen. The dam will crack. I think you would be nuts to not be in a “get ready” mode. I fucking hate what the democrats did to the country. I’m just going to be ready to protect my property.

Country won’t, can’t, and shouldn’t sustain in this capacity.


Serious non-smartass question: What happens when 50 heavily armed men show up to take your shit? What then? Do you have a dooms day squad? Are they trained? Have an escape route and enough ammo/armor? I’m curious.

I’m not John Wick and I don’t have the supplies to fight of 5 determined pyschos

This is exactly why guys like Bloomberg don’t want anyone else having them.