Will the Gracies ever stop winning?

So the guy made the thread trolling about the Gracie family, I assume his post has 77 likes because people are encouraging the troll.

He bashed Roger and Kron and ignored Neiman recently fought for a Bellator title and also finished Fitch and Ed Ruth.

How are you gonna knock Roger because he lost to Kennedy in the UFC? The guy left out the part were Roger won his first four MMA fights vs Waterman, Kondo, Randleman and Prangley. Just beat Jardine and Anthony Smith right before he fought Kennedy too. Yeah, lets bash him for losing to Kennedy.

Kron beat Tokoro and Kawajiri in his 3rd and 4th pro fights, yeah lets knock him for losing a war vs Cub in his 6th pro fight.

MMA has never seen another family of wrestlers, BJJ, kickboxers, judokas, sambo practitioners etc… even have 10% as much success in MMA as the Gracie family has had.

Name a family that has had anything near the success of the Gracie family in MMA despite the fact that rounds and time limits impair their style.

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He only has 5 likes.

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