Will the HG hate me for this?

I am picking Frankie Edgar to win a JD.

stupid haole!

they will now that you told em

Some things should be left unsaid...


are you high?

Geezus. Brilliant. How did you know?

jjmtg - Geezus. Brilliant. How did you know?

Yes, how did you know a robbery was going to take place?

TheAlchemist - 
jjmtg - Geezus. Brilliant. How did you know?

Yes, how did you know a robbery was going to take place?

his cousin was probably the judge who was paid off and scored it 50-45.


tjmitch knows all.

i think what bothers people the most here is that edgar is not black and athletic.

 BJ had that look. The one of defeat before he ever stepped into the ring. Everyone with me saw it and knew he would lose.

dbl post

you guys talk about Frankie taking it to BJ and I will have to strongly disagree with that assessment. BJ was the one walking forward, stalking Edgar down for most of the fight. Edgar lost most of the exchanges with BJ. Edgar did have great cardio and side to side movement, which frustrated BJ, but when did head movement start winning you fights? apparently now.

BJ did not look like the best p4p fighter in the world last night but he did enough to keep his belt. Edgar imo didn't do enough to take the belt from BJ. He was given a gift. Anyway, how does anyone get a unanimous decision for that fight? and 50-45?! nigga please.

It don't matter because in the end, we all heard...

"and the NEW lightweight champion the world..."


Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - Edgar was throwing punches, kicks, attempting takedowns, completing 2 of them (should not be overlooked) and was clearly the better conditioned of the 2. Plus, he did more damage at the end of the day. In a close a fight all of these add up to him winning, and rightfully so. BTW, head movement wins a fight when your opponent can't land a good shot on you, or hurt you in a five round fight. I doubt many people expected Edgar to do more damage to BJ in the fight with his punches but he did exactly that.

The problem with BJ is that he always fights the same, mainly due to the fact that he cannot fight at a high pace. He chooses to sit back and counter everything, and it has worked for him most of the time. However, in this fight he failed to do more damage and was outworked over the course of 5 rounds. Did he lose all five rounds? No, but he did lose the fight, 3-2 or 4-1 arguably, depending on how you look at it.

Only 1 of Edgar's takedowns counted. And what did he do the one takedown he got...NOT A DAMN THING. He knew BJ would reverse him and end up choking him out.

Here's some stats from fightmetric:

72-63 total strikes in favor of penn
61-39 head strikes in favor of penn WOW
13 td attempts 12 stuffed 1 completed for half a second

BJ did not fight a smart fight and did not adjust to Edgar's game plan/hyperness. But in no way did Frankie beat him 3-2 or 4-1. The proof is in the numbers. BJ landed harder shots and more often. Frankie's style in contrast to BJ's made BJ look worse than he actually was.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - BJ lost, get over it. Another wrestler takes a UFC title, better get used to it.

I shoot down your whole argument and that's what you resort to.....lol

you pretty much admitted BJ got robbed. deal with it.

i think the rules and judging criteria have "evolved" to the point that i think "the sport"(LOL) is ready for top level boxers. they will prove your theory incorrect about wrestlers ttum.

it makes me believe this is a boxing conspiracy seeded and watered the day the ufc changed hands.

game over

your wrestlers will lose to top level boxers under today's conditions. and sadly, they will be boxers past their primes.

the day for art jimmerson's revenge is near.