Will the U.S. see legal or decriminalized psychedelics in the near term?

With more liberal views on drugs and positive studies around mushrooms and Ketamine, do you think we will see broad based decriminalization at the state level of psychedelics as we are seeing with THC?

I say state level because I don’t think there is a chance at the federal level. We will likely see. amore conservative swing int he next two election cycles, and conservatives tend to hold hard to fear based drug laws from the 1960s.

yeah but they’ll be very swirley and confused for snakes

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There is no incentive for the average politician to pursue it.


I talked to a therapist who has some patients on the ketamine therapy and she said it is amazing as far as results and doesn’t have the same side effect issues as mainstream treatments.

Like all things it will come down to money, but I am curious how much decriminalizing we will se eat the state level.

I’m friends with therapists and they’re all alcoholic drug addicts.

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On a national level? No. It’s a nonstarter for Repubs and the current Dem in office probably helped William Randolph Hearst write the law criminalizing marijuana.

Maybe on a state level.

Well then, that wraps up the conversation!


Yes but not without an Rx.

Possibly, i see a lot of smart people think so and are investing in those areas so that makes me think it’s possible it will happen in next decade.

Ketamine is crazy though. When I was young and doing lots of cocaine, ecstasy, and everything else that was fashionable. I had lots of friends fucking around with ketamine and it was the only thing that scared me. People just looked so fucked up on it.

Your Country is currently going full retard.

So probably

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There is no way any state is going to full on sell mushrooms and RCs every that’s way way way to much in liability…

People are having trouble wrapping their head around the edibles never mind a full of soul crushing trip.

Will never fucking happen

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Over the counter/unsupervised? Probably not.

In the presence of a medical professional? It’s already happening.

And as already mentioned, ketamine in particular is already showing a ton of promise–both for mental health and chronic pain. It’s been the secret answer to burnout in Silicon Valley for a while. Incredibly safe drug–and efficacy can be off the charts.

If you have a reasonably well-documented chronic injury that has been refractory to substantial treatment, you should have no problem finding access to a series of infusions. Friends have found it life-changing.

Correct. No one is doing shit unless there is money to be made.

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They should fake legalize it. Legalize it just long enough to get a comprehensive list of who’s using it.

Then round up the loser druggies and force them into hard labor camps.

Possibly send them to one of the crap countries that keep sending us people.

Oddly enough, I recently looked up the scheduling of mushrooms in New Zealand and it turns out they’re a Class A drug…

Naturally, I deleted a bunch of photos from my phone and rehosted them on Imgur sans exif data.

Of course. People aren’t starting mushroom companies for nothing. It’s as clear as shale oil. Politicians taking positions as we speak.

I hope you get caught and forced into slavery.

Nothing personal. I always thought you seemed like a nice guy. But what’s right is right.