Will the UFC ever gives us Hendo/Franklin?

I know most people want to see this, but is Joe Silva too afraid of Franklin getting destroyed again?

Franklin could win this fight via decision, but when it comes to battle of the chins, I'll take Dan in a heartbeat. I'm really curious about who Franklin will be fighting next and whether or not he's maybe moving up to 205 as rumored previously.


anderson silva would bet on rich.

 They were supposedly offered the fight for UFC 85, but Franklin turned it down because it was short notice.

Wtf would joe silva give a shit about rich franklin?

would be a interesting fight.but as much as i like rich i believe dan would ko him.

This fight just doesn't interest me as much for some reason.

LOL at people still thinking that Rich is a "protected" fighter by zuffa. Get real..

I'm sure the fight is in the cards down the road, but as said, I would think they need to see a big Hendo performance to make it as big a draw as possible (headliner?).

Rich would win. His standup is too awkward and technical for Henderson. Not to mention that he matches up really well in size and power.

Dan by being better at EVERYTHING.

This fight simply cannot happen unless they spend a year filming a gay reality show in order to promote the fight.

It seems to be the only way to go for the UFC now.

how about hendo vs chuck liddel,...

Seems to me that Hendo is getting an easy fight for some reason. If Anderson stays at 205, then the will build Rich and Hendo up for a mega fight for the championship.

If he beats James Irvin, he will stay at 205. Why would he keep fighting the same guys at 185? There is no more legimate competition there.

Then your original point is relevant Krzerondogg.