Will they make a J Lau vs Jim Miller 2 ?

... and is it warranted?

Both awesome. I'll watch them fight everyday FOREVER!!


Miller looked physically stronger. When he would hit Joe, Joe would move. When Joe hit Jim, Jim would just kind of flinch.

Any fight between them will probably always be a toss up though.

I got a feeling they're going to do it again.

I'd love to watch them go at it again, but it won't be the next fight for either guy.

Lauzon won 2 of those rounds.

NICK MANNING - Lauzon won 2 of those rounds.

Sentimental scoring...

It was pretty close overall but Jim Miller deserved the win tonight.

I think the blood made Jim too slippery for some of those submission attempts. Plus they both were slipping and sliding in the cage.

They deserved the bonus money, I'm glad Cain and JDS didn't get that.

NICK MANNING - Lauzon won 2 of those rounds.

I love Joe, don't get me wrong here. But that was not a close 29-28 fight.

The only round Joe had a chance of winning was round 2 because of the reversal on the ground.

Miller controlled the entire 3rd round on the feet, the only offense Joe put together was the scissor leg lock with 20 seconds left in the fight, it wasn't enough to win a round.

That fucking lock attempt at the end was INSANE. Phone Post

I wonder if the women in the audience were ready to see all of that blood.

thats one re-match id love to see any day!

i was blown away by the heart those two showed.

Id only like it as a title fight down the road since Miller should get a shot rather than redo with Joe.

No. Time. Soon. Phone Post

I wanna see a Lauzon vs Diaz season of TuF after the Jones/Sonnen one. 


Damn didn't see Joe's post.  Great fight tonight man.  Having two contenders for fight of the year is pretty awesome.

Joe Lauzon - 

No. Time. Soon. Phone Post

Dana was right, you and Jim and Cain and JDS saved that PPV.

Thanks for chiming in Joe.

We were thoroughly entertained.

Joe Lauzon - No. Time. Soon. Phone Post

Respect Phone Post

Joe Lauzon posted in this thread. No lie.

Joe Lauzon - No. Time. Soon. Phone Post

Who would you like next? Love to see you fight Diaz Phone Post