Will this hold up in a Texas Court

I acknowledge that the services to be rendered "ORGANIZATION X" are of a special and unusual character, which have a unique value to "ORGANIZATION X" , the loss of which cannot adequately be compensated by damages in an action at law.

In view of the unique value of my services and the confidential information to be obtained by or disclosed to me either by "ORGANIZATION X" or COMPANY, I agree that if my employment with "ORGANIZATION X" is terminated for any reason that for the period of one year, I will not work in any capacity for any "COMPANY" where I have performed services while employed by "ORGANIZATION X" without the express written consent of "ORGANIZATION X" .

"COMPANY" is defined here as any entity where I have worked while being employed by "ORGANIZATION X" , or any of their affiliates. If I breach this agreement, then "ORGANIZATION X" has the right to seek injunctive relief and damages through a court of competent jurisdiction not withstanding any other provisions contained in this agreement.

I also agree that during my employment with "ORGANIZATION X" and for a period of one (1) year after I have ceased to be employed by "ORGANIZATION X" , I shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit for employment or employ any present or former employee of "ORGANIZATION X" .

I further agree that during my employment with "ORGANIZATION X" and for a period of one (1) year after I have ceased being employed by "ORGANIZATION X" , I shall not directly or indirectly, solicit business from, divert business from any COMPANY for which I have worked during my employment with "ORGANIZATION X" ..

I don't know specifically about Texas law, but normally non-compete agreements need to be narrowly focused in terms of time and geography.

This clause seems to limit your employment rights only with regard to clients of your former employer. I think (again, being uneducated in TX law) that would be narrowly defined enough to stand up.