Will this website start charging its members

to use this site? Twitter is going to do it.

You trying to run the last twenty people off? LOL


20? Could have sworn it was 10.

Besides, I suspect everyone will stay and pay up. This place is like crack to some people.

You used to have to pay if you wanted to post pics or gifs.


I’d pay tree fiddy

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Lol at paying to use this clunky site… the posters are what keeps this place afloat, but this place turns more into Reddit-lite everyday.

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I was thinking this site was gonna need to start paying me!


i was curious so i looked. there are:

1135 users that have logged in on average 6 days a week for the last 3 months.

of those users:
19 posted on average 25 times a day or more
95 posted on average 10 times a day or more
475 posted on average 1 time a day or more


I’d pay, maybe $35 a year. If it was $99 I’d pay but I’d bitch

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Twitter really is? That sounds very bad. It sounds like it, and competitors can make money without charging for use, so if Twitter starts charging people will move somewhere else…


Charging members? I hope it’s not by the inch, I’ll be broke.

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…475 posted on average 1 time a day or more…


I think im probably in that 19 group

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Probably around there. I was right at 50.

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I used to pay for the grey name.

Now Jason and Chris take turns with the chloroform.

I always wake up somewhere pleasant though.


you sure it wasn’t aliens because they was definitely some probing going on.

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That’s my specialty…!

Blue please?