Will Tournament Wins/Losses go on Fighter record?

 Okay, reason I'm asking this is...

On the TUF show, they do 2 x 5 minute rounds. That way, they can call it an exhibition, the results don't have to be reported by the NSAC and they don't go on the fighter's records.

Now, tonight for the YAMMA event, the heavyweight tournament goes like this.

The first and second rounds of the tournament are 1 X 5 minute round.

Only the final fight of the tournament is 3 X 5 minute rounds. So, my question is, with the first 2 rounds of the tournament only being 1 round, will these fights go on the fighter's records?

I don't think they would as, I don't think a regulated fight can be 5 minutes, can it?


 I would say no, with nothing to back my statement at all


Is that accurate?

I don't think that's why they have two five-minute rounds. Because the first season was full duration fights. The reason they have that set up, if I recall correctly, is because they wanted to force a sense of urgency into the contestants to finish fights (taking away the round would help to avoid people thinking they could just make it up next round was the rationale).

Keep in mind they still fight a third round in the event it is tied.

Plus the IFL has abbreviated rounds.

So I don't think round duration or number of rounds has any impact on if it counts as a "pro fight" or not.

 Thats how I understood it. I could be wrong though. But I still think that you have to have 3 rounds for it to constitue as a pro fight. That's why I'm asking though, I'd like to know

The reason they did it on TUF was because the NSAC requires you to publish results right after the fight happens, therefore if they were 3x5 min rounds the results of the entire show would be out long before it airs.

I'm assuming YAMMA has it set up this way as most athletic commisions only allow up to 5x5 rounds for a championship fight, they can hold the tourney because the total fighting time for the 2 finalists can't exceed 5x5 rounds in 1 night.

Yamma fights will go on the fighter records.

TUF fighters are not paid for their fights. Yamma guys are being paid for these bouts. The further they progress in the tournament, the more money they get.

1, 5 minute round is definitly stupid, but there not the first organization to do it. I know Travis Fulton fought in a tournament in Serbia or Croatia or somewhere in there and it was an 8 man tourney where each fight was just 1, 5 minute round. I know of some other fights as well.

It sucks (5 minute fights), but they are pro fights and will go on their records.

 If Pancrase & RINGS fights are on their records, I'm sure YAMMA fights will be.

Worked fights go on their records so I guess anything goes on there as long as they got paid.