Will TUF fights count on records?

It looks like they're gonna have to fight each other at some point for the contracts? Am I right about this, and if so, will these fights count on their records?

No. People train like they do in real fights all the time in the gym. I'm sure people will refer to these fights if someone gets caught in a sub or taps but they shouldn't count on a fighters records.


I guess not. I was thinking it could be like the show "The Next Great Champ" where guys literally fought sanctioned 4 round fights against each other.

i don't see why not

No because it's considered either training or sparring, not fighting.

In the finals however, when the two finalists for each team fight for the contract, that might count for their records because they will be indeed fighting.  But not until then.

From what I understand, the team that wins each challenge will pick which other two guys will have to fight to see who is eliminated. The matches will probably have modified rules and not qualify as pro matches.

More importantly, WHAT records? There are no real records in MMA. Some people don't count RINGS matches, among others. Basically, if FC and Sherdog decide to include these fights, then there's your answer.

sherdog.com won't be. We'll Just count the two final fights on the live tv show.

They will count as real fights, just like the boxing matches on "The Next Great Champ" counted.

They are not sanctioned fights

Dana could be seen mouthing the words, "Two five minute rounds" in the intro, so I would think there will be some matches.

But they are likely not getting paid or contracted specifically for those fights, so at best it might be considered an amatuer bout.