Will UFC Acknowledge Sakuraba?

Seeing as though Sakuraba will be in attendance at UFC 60 tomorrow and seeing as though he's the only guy that's legitimately defeated Royce Gracie, wouldn't it make sense for them to mention them on the air?

Remember that Sakuraba is no longer with PRIDE and is with K-1 now. K-1 is in affiliation with the UFC so no harm can come of the UFC mentioning Saku on the air.

Plus, I'm sure Saku is only there because either the UFC invited him or because K-1 sent him. Saku likely doesn't give two shits about the UFC show itself.

Yep, he did.

LOL - so much for Saku being deathly afraid to fly.

of course they won't.

"Saku fought in the UFC."

it was in japan wasnt it

Maybe he swam.

maybe he did a summersault

Sakuraba has been in the States before. He corner Matsui at KOTC 5.

Sak flew to brazil a while back to train with chute boxe. But, that still doesnt take away from the fact that he is afraid of flying. As for acknowledging him, Dana openly said a while ago that he wants Sak.

Maybe he swam.

Well, they say he will be cutting to MW soon........