Will Vitor back out of this fight?

I am just waiting for Vitor to get hurt/sick and for a last minute fill in to fight Randy.

I am used to this kind of crap with Vitor and I think there is a 50% chance it will happen. We will end up being stuck watching a bulked up Evan Tanner as the fill-in for Vitor or some crap.

Vitor seems to really want this fight, so I doubt it - but it would hardly be shocking.

At least when Vitor's injured there is proof of it. Like a picture.

It wouldn't suprise me if he pulled out, but, I think he will fight.


But will we find out about an injury after he loses?

No he will fight. It will be a great fight. I am really looking foward to this as I like both and was a big Vitor fan back in the day when Randy stopped him as an underdog. This time Vitor is the underdog and a much better fighter than he was then. Same for Couture he is so much better now.

I think this fight is a nice matchup. Wrestling vs. Bjj in 2 good fighters. Vitor needs to be aggressive standing and use his jiu jitsu off his back cause he will be put there. He should def throw the kicks and knees he has thrown as of late and be ready if he gets taken down. Randy needs to press Vitor who will be in better shape than the first time but Randy has more experience in high paced intense matchups which is where Vitor's true test is. This is another tough fight for Randy but the biggest of Vitor's career. I think he will be there.

I doubt it.

this just in!!!!!! Vitor is out and BJ Penn will fight Hughes then go back stage and bulk up to return and fight Randy at 205 that same night :)

vitor may back into a window

Well said youthfighter.

Hmmm, am I Nostradomus or do we have another back-out?

Dude, if people are gonna dog Vitor if he pulls out of this fight considering the circumstances, they are just idiots. These fighters have lives and as hard as it is for some to realize, they owe us nothing and their sole purpose in life is not to be our entertainment at all costs.