Will Vitor use BJJ or Boxing?

Do you guys think that Vitor will try to TKO/KO Tito Ortiz or try to use his BJJ skills and try submit Tito Ortiz (now that he's back with BTT) at UFC 51?

Boxing, then BJJ.

Belfort won't do anything except lay on his back and take punishment.

wrestling. vitor will try to stop titos takedowns. tito wont trade standing...

Do you mean, "Will Vitor lie there and take forearms all night, or will he throw a flurry and then lie there and take forearms all night"?

Since he is with BTT my guess is he will use BJJ more but some boxing to start off not much though.Tito will take him donw and he will do the same thing he did with Heath in Pride and lay there and get beat on and do nohting and expect a descion out of it.TITO!



Uh... Minotauro wasn't there & Minotauro joined BTT about the time Vitor left BTT. He get's to train with Minotauro.

I doubt Tito will still want to trade with Vitor even though his hands have faded. Vitor will try to Muay Thai his way to victory.

i actually feel bad for tito

Max Power has wrestled the correct.

Tito's wrestling wont be that dominant against Vitor. They would most likely be very close specially in the strenght category, which is what makes Tito looks so dominant against others. Tito looked helpless against Randy and so did Vitor. If Tito would have shown more against Randy, I can then believe that he will take Vitor down at will. I dont think so. Vitor will have his chance punishing Tito on the feet and on the ground.

Vitor should definatly go to Chute Box. What he needs is some killer instinct.

In my opinion, Vitor should use his hands to set up a takedown and then try to pass guard and either submit Tito or ground and pound him.I bet Tito expects Vitor to try and defend the shot and strike, which will be hard to do for the entire fight.

"Uh... Minotauro wasn't there & Minotauro joined BTT about the time Vitor left BTT. He get's to train with Minotauro."

i dont know how much nogueira even trains at the btt gym anymore.. i might be wrong, but i think i remember hearing nogueiras been hiring trainers to train at his house? and i know hes always going off to thailand or cuba to train. but whether nogueira trains with belfort or not, it wont make belfort any better.

I would say Boxing. But I guess it depends on which Vitor comes out. Either way I like both guys and cant wait to see the fight. But my heart is with Vitor I will always be a Vitor fan.

"Tito looked helpless against Randy and so did Vitor."

  • In the early part of the fight, Tito gave Randy a whole lot with takedowns attempts and counters. That was a wicked display of wrestling from both guys in round one.

As for the question, i think its obvious that this fight will just depend on whether Vitor can stop Tito from taking him down or....catching him first.

As for the ground, I believe Tito's GNP dishes out just as much if not more punishment than Randy's and his sub defense should also be better than Randy's.

I also favour Tito as the fight grows longer. Tito is a cardio machine and likes to hurt people, I dont think we've seen Vitor ever come back strong in match in which he was losing.

I thought that the Randy fight, even if he lost, would be a great opportunity for him to show his heart, perhaps this is another great chance for him, if Tito doesnt blugdeon him first.

I give the edge to Tito 60/40.

Sperry and Bustamante are the backbone of BTT, they train the other guys.

If Cote can tag Tito so can Vitor.