Will we have a 2001/2008 stock market crash this year or next?

So, We have Margin levels as higher than in 2001 and 2008!
We have the Fed pumping liquidity in the markets for over 11 years!
Fed is starting QT and now want to reaise rates.
40 years high in Inflation!

Positives: We should still have great Earnings in the first quarter.
We can be peaking in Inflation and now move twards deflation. (Look as China)

I think we get a 20% dip here in the next 4 months


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Wasn’t there just a6% pullback in the Dow. Fundamentals are all in place to have another run.

Companies have orders their biggest problem is workers and getting their resources in to do jobs make products

as long as order files are full company earnings will stay strong economy will hum.

At least until summer and most likely fall. - next October- look out

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Historically it happens when there is a Republican president.

I’m guessing we have a good 15-20% more to drop.
Buying opportunities

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Come The Rock GIF by WWE

Who knows, typically we have a crash once a decade so the covid crash probably was it.

$AAPL P/E: 29.8x 10-yr Avg P/E: 14.2x 10-yr Peak P/E: 33.8x 10-yr Through P/E: 8.9x Std Devs from 10Yr Avg: 2.4 $MSFT P/E: 31.8x 10-yr Avg P/E: 19.0x 10-yr Peak P/E: 35.9x 10-yr Through P/E: 8.5x Std Devs from 10Yr Avg: 1.6 Source: JP Morgan

I think it could get real ugly around April-May of this year.

I love stock market downturns. Buying opportunities