Will we see a lot of mma schools?

Do you think mma type schools will be the norm in the next 5-10 years? If so why?

I think the issue is $$. A gym is a business and businesses require funds. But the market for MMA is really college kids through early 30's. Most college kids have no $$, and the guys in their 30's are trying to make their first big purchase ie. house.

People complain now about an MMA gym that might charge $100 a month. What would be the motivation for a gym owner who himslef might be looking to buy a house or start a family? It is not like TMA, where you get hunderds of kids and each one is paying a $100. Even then schools open and close all the time.

I dont think that we will see a lot of MMA schools ie karate/TKD. But I do feel there will be more of them. And I am sure it will attract a few ballers that have deep pockets, which means the newer gyms should be pretty sweet.

Wow has cut the correct!

Here in Washington State there are already a lot of tradional MA schools and kickboxing gyms that are now incorporating grappling and other shit into their available courses.

Alot of people do martial arts for other reasons than to win a fight, so I think TMA will always be more popular than MMA, most people like the idea of being tough but dont want to get hurt (fair enough) I think MMA guys who want to be tough and are willing to do what ever it takes are in the minority, therfore I cant see loads of MMA schools on the horizon.