Will you be my friend?

Ok OP but please don’t tell that @King_Trav guy

he is like DC …

"He don’t play"

I voted for no.

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I voted “yes”. King Trav recently revealed he isn’t friends with anyone on here so don’t feel about it. I’m legit friends Mountain Medic and DaveFu. Hopefully, they don’t come on here and deny it.

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I’d like to also claim to be friends with Sagiv but I don’t think he is friends with humans.

Godzilla Deal With It GIF

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You are very cruel.

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I’ll be friends with most of you all. Until I find out that you have fart curtains or threw a pet in the trash after neglecting it…

I refuse to be friends with anyone who says Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie

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It’s a gooder…

I threw some shitty curtains in the trash after neglecting it and have a pet. Do I qualify?

That’s a good line in the sand, imo. That and fart curtains. If you have those, we can only be half friends.

Yeah…we’re friends. FOR NOW!

Also, if you’re a dude and you drink out of a straw…sorry

Be careful fren I hear there is an autobot that gets an erection !

Your gun is digging into my hip

Lol… We know…

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It’s safe to say Trav aint coming to the 2021 Kelowna Meat up…

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pulp fiction drinking GIF