Will you be my friend?

I feel like this King Trav guy is kind of a dick. Anyone else picking up on this?

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well… he is Canadian…



Pointy elbows and… bah gawd, look at those feet…

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Meme Reaction GIF

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I can’t lie to Canadians…so I’ll admit that if I know someone is Facebook user…I tell them you are my friend. Sorry I know we should’ve agreed to this beforehand but it is what it is and I needed clout.

That’s not my gun you sexy thang.

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No you already caught it years ago.

Thos is the O.G.

You spelled “your” wrong IMO.

Go away

Thos will each it…

On the OG…

Some wild each it…

Some wildn’t each it.

To each it their own.

Apocalypse Now Creep GIF

Who are you talking to?

Thos, Thus, Thall of them…

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Thanks Rhino. I knew I could count on you!

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The O.P. you KKM.