Will you pay $99 for floyd/Manny ppv

I think this will hurt PPV numbers more than they think. I can't imagine paying $100 for a 1 fight boxing card, no matter how great the fight! What do you guys think? Will you be shelling out a hundy on May 2nd? Phone Post 3.0

lol never


$100 for one fight is crazy. Phone Post 3.0

No, I will not be buying the PPV. I will be going to watch it at Dave and Busters Phone Post

Nope Phone Post 3.0

No Phone Post 3.0

this is a MMA Fourm so expect FUCK NO to be the answer but aside from the hardcore boxing fans i see many casuals chipping in the buy the PPV when the time comes with all the hype. i think it breaks the current PPV record or at least come close.

I can definitely wait 24 hours to watch it in HD.. for about.. 99 dollars less than what they're asking...

Of course....dont be dumb. Its 100 bucks. Unless you are broke then this is a no brainer.

I just bought a 120 inch pull down for my Projector yesterday...knew this was going down from all the leakage. 

All of you are invited if you can get down to Chantily, VA

Bring drinks/food

Yep. With a smile on my face, too. Phone Post 3.0

No Phone Post 3.0

Hurrakayne - No, I will not be buying the PPV. I will be going to watch it at Dave and Busters Phone Post
I'm with ya! Will definitely be a bdubs night for this one. $100 is fn ridiculous! Phone Post 3.0

MillhouseMMA -

Lol Phone Post 3.0

Easily...!!! Phone Post 3.0

This fight will do mega PPV numbers, though i live in the uk so we will play $20 max. You reap what you sow.

it wont break the ppv record in the number of buys but it should break the ppv record in total revenue which is what matters.

A $100 price point may be a mistake though.  I dont believe that's the sweet spot for this fight to maximize total revenue.

what weight class are these guys? I have heard of them but never saw any of their fights. are they like Askren?--the best guys outside of the UFC? are they like Bellator or WSOF champs?

I probably won't get, I usually only watch fights of the guys I know

I'll probably go 50/50 with someone. That said, this is a real event and so you have to figure in the cost of food, BBQ, beer (good beer), etc., which differs slightly from my usual UFC pay per view regimen of a frozen pizza and a coconut water.

Man, I hope my friend buys it because I ain't. I'll put ten on it thought.