Will youth weight cutting stunt growth?

I’ve run into a few dads along the way who said they participated in youth and HS wrestling when they were kids - and due to weight cutting practices - their growth was stunted. All of them were around 507/508 and claimed their siblings and parents were much taller. True or BS?

No. My son wrestled for our states competition team for over 10 years. He never cut more than a pound or so, he did indeed stay on a constant but healthy diet during the different seasons. Between free, greco, and school folkstyle wrestling, that was like 10 months a year.
He is 6’1" and I am 6’ 2" so not stunted at all.

IMHO, after having sat thru many matches weekly for over a decade, and observing hundreds of kids wrestling “careers”, very few cut any real amount of weight at those ages. And the ones that did were not near the top of the pack, and were never among those standing on the podium.

In fact the very best wrestlers all did the exact opposite. The ones being successful in college right now, all wrestled at or above their natural weight from 1st grade thru High School.

My sons team-mate from way back placed in the NCAA Div. 1 Championships last year at 125 lbs. He wrestled at 138 and 145 in High School. There are many that are doing well in college now, and zero of them were weight cutters. They likely are indeed cutting in college though.

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Probably different for everyone, and depending on how much weight.

Anecdotal, my good friend cut a lit of weight wrestling. He graduated high school 5’4" tall, 2 years later he was 5’10"… he swears it was from training and cutting.

Its a myth

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It may be due to malnutrition, denying your body nutrients.

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People still listening to the WHO these days?

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Believe nothing unless it agrees with your view, thats the ticket.

From what I know.
And seen.

No its a myth as other said.

Just like how training weights or smoking will stunt ur growth…

Just like the myth that masturbating to much will make ur dick fall off.
And making a face in the wind /wind changes and ur face will stay in the weird Face u pulled

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Could definitely stunt growth if you’re cutting a decent amount regularly. Malnutrition/lack of sleep leads to less gh production which leads to being short. No idea where the line begins or ends though.

Wow I question the WHO based on the last year and a half andand you sick your head in the ground like an ostrich…

Whos the cunt really?

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Been pulling on my dick since I was 2 and Im not blind yet,unlike ostrich boy here

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The 80s 90’s was that it would make bubbling. My mistake
Thanks Jon

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Rogan loves to bring up the Russian Alex Karelin. Karelin was over six foot and parents both under
5ft 6 (rogans real height ).

And he was juicin in his teens. .

Heck, when I ran a gym I had a friend that was dealing steroids, and I’d would lock my office door to administer his injections in a safe manner, after I saw him at inject through hi’s tracksuit pants with a needle… (and disagreed needles in the bathrooms :joy:)
Anyway, this guy was on proper pharmacy grade GH and in 1.5yrs went from 5ft7-5,9 and shoe size 8-10… as it enlarges everything, bones, heart etc…

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