William Hung in MMA???

I just thought it would be hilarious if William Hung entered the world of MMA. I could see him fighting in Pride agianst Bob Sapp and getting crippled. After all, he has no professional training!

that kid is half retarded, dont need to make him worse

he would be banged

William Hung should Take Colemans Place in the Pride GP and take on Fedor, If Gilles Arsene could earn a place in Pride than William Hung should be more than worthy.

Strengths: Can bang!

Has a record deal.

Weaknesses: He has no formal training.

i think he would try his hardest

You guy's are just envious of his limitless talent.

Plus, he's Chinese and probably knows Kung Fu, which will defeat you !

Fear him, envy him, he's a real man, he's Hung !

the kid's got heart...you can't take that away from him. give him some training and he can be the next akira shoji.

Isnt he an engineering student at Berkley? Dont see how Mark can say he is half retarded.

I think Mark meant retarded in a savant sort of way. . .

He is fearless. Don't underestimate him.


He is actually a ninja