Willie Roaf retiring


RIVER FALLS, Wis. (AP) -- Willie Roaf says he's retiring and going back to college. The Kansas City Chiefs are holding out hope the 11-time Pro Bowl tackle will return for a 14th season.

The 36-year-old Roaf told The Kansas City Star on Friday that he was retiring, a move that would leave a large hole on the Chiefs offensive line.

Carl Peterson, president and general manager of the Chiefs, said neither he nor coach Herm Edwards had spoken with Roaf in several weeks and they were "leaving the door open."

"Certainly I am aware of what was written," Peterson said Friday, the first day of Kansas City's training camp. "I'd say right now, because of who Willie Roaf is, what he has contributed to the Kansas City Chiefs and what he's contributed to the National Football League, we're going to keep the door open for a while.

"Players do change their mind."

Roaf told the Star for a story posted on its Web site Friday he told Peterson and Edwards of his intentions weeks ago, including in a letter sent to the team.

"I guess they want me to reconsider," Roaf said. "I'm solid on retiring and going back to school."

Sucks for them, he was damn good especially considering his age.