"Willow" movie 1988. Still good?

Haven't seen this movie since I was a kid and wondering if it still holds up. Anyone seen it recently?

Frank Gallagher - Yes it's still great Phone Post

. Phone Post

Out of the way peck! Phone Post 3.0

Yes! Phone Post

Picked it up on Blu Ray for like five bucks. It still holds up.

Warwick Davis is a Worldly treasure. Phone Post 3.0

SealTeam69 - Out of the way peck! Phone Post 3.0


Brownie: I stole the baby from you, while you were taking a pee pee!!


I showed it to the kids when they were younger and they loved it.

Sorsha would get it something fierce. I would batter dip my cranny axe in her ginger gut locker

Willlooooooooooooowwwww Phone Post 3.0

Watched it with my 6 year old this past weekend. Still phenomenal. Phone Post 3.0

Fantastic movie.

Wiiilllooowww you iiidddiiiooottt Phone Post

Add me xbox. Madmartigan Sr Phone Post

Anybody watch Lifes Too Short? It's really funny.