Wiman on Gabe

I don't know if this has been talked about already. On SpikeTV.com there is an interview by Wiman and Lauzon about an incident during training when Berube choked Gabe unconcious. Wiman is pretty damn funny talking about Gabe; he truly hates the guy. The "matter-of-factness" that he speaks about how Gabe sucks is very entertaining. Here is the link to the website, then you have to click on the actual interview titled, "Lobster Trap."

My bad!


Check outthe interview he did about Marlon, the street fighter too. This Wiman guy is my new favorite fighter.

I would expect nothing less from a training partner of OMA

Thanks EvilMaster. Eventhough it was you, I still checked to see if it was going to take me to www.matbattle.com though!!!


LOL That's great!

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I got ugged!

couldn't resist and visited that matbattle link... and about retched.


I think Wiman would take this fight easily. - Spencer

Gabe = zero heart
Wiman= enormous heart

Geez, Gabe sounds like a real douchebag. You're a brown belt and you hold onto a choke on a guy who is maybe a blue belt?!? What a jackass!

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The funniest part about that is after it happens BJ says something like "Are you doing this for more attention Gabe? Did you do that for more attention?"


That guy must have really been an ass for everyone to key in on him like that.

sarcasm Too bad it was all Gabe's brilliant, 24 hr method acting for the tv cameras and none of his teammates got to know "the real Gabe." /sarcasm

"I think Wiman would take this fight easily. - Spencer"

The king votes for Wiman!

I hope the UFC puts this fight together on the Finale. Wiman by superior handsomosity.

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Wiman seems like a really good guy with a lot of talent, I hope he goes far on the show.