Win 100K beating a TKD guy in TN

Beat one of their own Black Belts and win some bucks.

Of course, you have to have a school in the area, for a couple of years, etc...

They say Black Belt, but I imagine a BJJ Blue Belt is the equivalent of a TKD Black and more.

Anyone in the Knoxville area interested in making some money?


For 100 g's you could get Fucking any one of the following to do it:


Take your pick!

Last I checked they weren't listed as instructors for schools in the knoxville area yellow pages.

Lets run this shit, put on the gloves sign me up! 

Kimbo by KTFO or Rickson by armbar. Zuffa make it happen j/k.

Do you really think they will not kill you before you walk away with 100k? The rules are probably ultra-modified.

I'll drive from Brooklyn.

I bet Frank Dux trains there...

This thread was on a forum before. They have all kinds of weird rules, like you have to be a tkd blackbelt in their town, etc. They will also pick the fighter, so I dont believe you can just go challenge them, I think they select you. It's just a scam.


how about 100 bucs!

Lot's of guys have tried to take them up on this. They always find an out somehow. They make the application process so difficult that it is nearly impossible. Add to the fact that the rules are very much in their favor.

It is truly a marketing ploy, they can say we have an open $100,000 challenge and have never had to pay. This guy also issued an open challenge to Rickson Gracie back in the 90's. Of course it was issued via a letter to teh Knoxville News Sentinel. HE then was able to say Rickson refused to answer his challenge.

My 2 cents...

Why dont someone take out an ad in the yellow pages there for the next 3 years. Then take them up on the offer. Youd be making 33k a year. Overhead just yellowpage ad and 500 entrance fee. Great Return.

Or, lets have a tail gate party. Everyone meet up in a local city, near knoxville........follow each other down....bum rush the school.... not to be evil....just to expose him to all his jr. high students that he is not invincible....

Isn't Helio Seneca in Knoxville?

Or how about a few guys go down there, walk in, and kick the shit out of all of them. Then we demand 100K each....

Few of these are truly legit. The vid of John Marsh is of a legit one. If this was real and advertised this way, me and a million other people would go down with a few friends next week.

smells like #$%@, looks like @#%$, must be ^@%$.

No name or anythink on who this guy is, can anyone get more information the man who is suppost to be the guy to fight.

I like how they preach humilty before talking about their ph.d. level education vs area h.s. level instructors and then posted a huge 100000 CHALLENGE link.

Yeah right....