Win By Submission Only - Tourney

would you guys be interested in a tournament where it was unlimited time, no points, submission only? i think it would be pretty cool.

as long as there was plenty of time between matches for rest, etc.

I would. Definitely.

Talk to Rorion(benzo)

his system has points, so you still have people fighting for points. i think a strictly submission only tournament would be cool because people would have no incentive to stall, or lay once theyve achieved an advantageous position. and i think people would be more draing because there wouldnt be as many negative consequences to giving up position in order to get a submission.

for years the university of michigan in-house tournament "the michigan classic" was no-time-limit, win by submission only for both gi and no-gi. great matches.

Check the IGJJF tournament rules!

I would be. Guys what Usuper is talking about is different from Rorion's IGJJF tournament. While I think that Rorion's rules are the best I've competed under, they are not no time limit, submission only as Usuper is talking about (I lost my 21 minute match in the blue belt division of Rorion's tournament 10-6 or something like that, because the first one to 10 points they stop the match)

That sounds great. On a related note, my training partner, Denis Kang, once competed in a tournament that had points only awarded for submission attempts, nothing else. I can see some problems with that, though, especially if the judges aren't too educated about what is a near submission and what isn't.

I think it's a good idea.

How much time do you think this would take if say 200 people showed up?

Other than the time factor, it would be a great tournament!

NAGA No gi comps give advantage points for good sub attempts. For instance if you slap on a triangle and they have to fight for a bit to get out of it, you get points.

I would love it. You'd see me winning more matches for sure. However, the wait would be insane, and you couldnt leave because some of the matches could turn up short.


i think it would take some careful planning, but it would inherently have factors that would contribute it to being run pretty well.. sure.. there could be some hour-long matches.. but whoever is competing will know that the faster they win, the better(since they will get hopefully more time to rest than their next opponent will). as long as there is strictly no stalling(if they do, warn them a couple times then stand them back up), there should constantly be action, because again, the longer each match takes, the less time theyll have to prepare for the next one.

with time being such a factor.. imagine the intensity of ppl going for subs.. i think it could be a lot of fun, but it should start out small.. no womens division, and no childrens division.

I reckon you'd be in for a long day, especially if the contestants are wearing kimonos. Just thinking back to the various competitions I've been in and watched live: wins by submission basically become rarer the higher the grade. Sure, if you mixed all the belts together, I'd be thinking you'd have a pretty entertaining formate.

it would be intermediate and advanced divisions only... gi is optional.

I went to a tournament once, no time limits, you need to score 12 points or get a submission to win.

The matches didn't take all day long either, it ran about as long as a regular tournament. There was no point in stalling under those rules.

In 1999,when I did Rorion's GTA Nationals,it was by submission or 1st one to 15 points.Not many won by points,but some of the matches were long.My longest was 21 min. The longest one I saw was an hour & 5 min.(benzo)

I'd be very interested. Hit me up with some info -