Win or Lose = Damned

I see a funny trend in the UFC. If you don't have a name by way of TUF, being from Brazil or something else you may know of,you're damned if you win and just plain done if you lose. Here's my point. Some wrestler completely owns Congo..but he's gone and yet Congo is set to fight again. Some other wrestler owns Heath and yet Heath gets Nog. Some black guy KO's Jardine and now Jardine gets Liddel.

Well I guess the fact that I don't know their names may be the point but the fact is they won convincingly and we haven't heard from them since. Well I guess you better be seriously ripped and buff if you're gonna have a chance in the UFC. LOL

or just be blowing Sr. Blanco

I blame international bankers and the Feds.

Lol at some Black Guy, and some wrestler.

If ur gonna start a thread, get the names.

its the nwo and those damn free masons.

It's like some bad movie where the boxer is supposed to take the fall against favored opponent but suddenly has a moment of conscious and comes back and knocks favored guy out. Meanwhile, the Mafia wants his blood so they take him out or he goes on the lamb and just plain disappears from memory.

actually the guy that ko'd jardine was pretty "ripped and buff", but he does have the conehead thing going against him.

That was part of the whole point imma, as I said in the thread, I don't know their names (only the big names they beat). Do you?

LOL paper

I see the posters point and i have to say i agree.

Typical of UFC and there fans, i mean you cant ever take a "snot break" without the fans boooo'in like fuck.

Jake O'Brian beat heath, Marraro beat kongo,And I thought it was houston Alaxander that beat Kieth Jardine

"Some wrestler completely owns Congo..but he's gone and yet Congo is set to fight again."

Well Marrero has fought twice in the UFC since then. He's been subbed twice in a total of about 6 minutes.

"Some other wrestler owns Heath and yet Heath gets Nog."

That was O'Brian's 3rd UFC fight he has won all 3. He is now out with a serious injury.

Herring didn't get Nog next he got Brad Imes.

"Some black guy KO's Jardine and now Jardine gets Liddel."

Houston Alexander is fighting Sakara who he might actually beat. jardine gets to be a punching bag for Chack... Advantage Houston.

Oh and since I assume you were trolling. I'll score it a 2.9.

LOL at the name droppers..ok you know your fighters. So I guess we just get to see guys like Jardine, Heath and Congo fight big pay-per views, or guys like Huerta on the cover of SI..meanwhile we'll just piss and moan that fighters like Guida and Alexander are relegated to undercards and 3K a pop. Wooooohooooo there's justice in the world boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe you mean heard or READ about it since. Because I sure as hell didn't SEE any of it. And the fact that Jardine gets Liddell (huge fight) that quick after a loss and Alexander is iced shows how pretty fucking clueless you are as to the whole point.

hmmmmm... maybe its a good move going on TUF then... even if you HAVE already fought in the UFC.