Win prizes - new grappling forum

There is a new forum at

It's a forum that is specifically geared towards the improvement of the sport of grappling and everyone's grappling performance. The main focus is to get everyone better in there respective grappling art.

Check it out there are already some good conversations going on.

There is going to be a contest for new registrants.

The first 200 people to register and make three posts that are relevant to whatever forum topic they post in will be entered to win:

-Two Submission Specialist T-Shirts from

-The Single Leg Takedown Instructional from

-The Open Guard Instructional from

-1001 Submissions Manual from

-A Free Upgrade to the future Grapplers Guides Premium Sections

That's about $200 worth of prizes and you never know there may be more for this contest! So hurry up and register and get your posts in.

Once the first 200 hundred people are registered with 3 valid posts, there will be a random drawing to determine the winner.

They have to be valid threads and post replies. Posts such as ttt, bump, to the top, and anything that lacks content will not be accepted toward your post count. However you don't have to write a book either :-)

Good Luck Everyone!

Another prize may be added. Anyone have any suggestions?





Done. Looks like the start of a nice forum there. Look forward to it growing.


Registered and done!

My User Name is Genesis United

Awesome to see you guys on board! I think it will be a great learning resource for everyone.

I've tried to register twice but never received the activation e-mail so I still can't log on.

What is your username? Also everyone who registers make sure you also check your spam boxes in your e-mail to make sure it didn't go in there.

I am registered as nhu12


Thanks Robert Wynne

Registered as Chalupa just now.

For the contest, once we make three good posts, are we automatically entered or is there more that we need to do?

Thanks, it looks like a great forum.

If you are within the first 200 registered members and you make three good posts then you are automatically entered into the contest. Get the posts in and good luck.


You guys should really check this forum out if you haven't already.

Thanks Mike. There are still spots left for the drawing