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Hello Everyone,

I have two brand new black submission specialist t-shirts from the guys at They are size "Large".

I have decided to run another contest. Whoever are the top two Grapplers Guide Forum posters at the end of the next two weeks will each win a Submission Specialist t-shirt. Please keep in mind that they are only size "Large".

The rules are pretty simple:

  • If you are one of the top two posters after two weeks (14 days) you will win a Large Black Submission Specialist T-Shirt

  • The post must contain valid content related to the forum you are posting in or the thread topic you are replying to.

  • Posts such as ttt, bump, to the top, ttb (to the bottom), and anything that lacks content will not count and will be subtracted from your post count accordingly

The contest starts today which is Saturday, May 12 2007.

The winners will be announced on Saturday, May 26th 2007.

Visit and register for the forum. Then start posting to win the prize. Also lots more prizes coming in the future.

Also when you get your first 3 posts in and if you are within the first 200 people ever registered to the Grapplers Guide Forum, you will be entered in a drawing to win:

-Two Submission Specialist T-Shirts from

-The Single Leg Takedown Instructional from

-The Open Guard Instructional from

-1001 Submissions Manual from

-A Free Upgrade to the future Grapplers Guides Premium Sections

Good luck!



Grapplers Guide is awesome!

Thanks jjay

The sooner there is 200 people with 3 valid posts the sooner the prize drawing will be.

Right now there are 161 registered users and 68 with the valid post count.

jasculs, am I one of the 68. I have posted at least 3 times, but the valid posts is unclear. Do I have to start 3 new posts, or just add to others? Thanks.


All you have to do is get 3 posts in whether you start a new thread or reply to an old thread. So your fine and should be entered into the drawing. If you would like me to double check and see if you are on the list I can. I'm sure I have you down.

What is your username?

Also I might put a list up of valid people so people can see if they made it on or not.

Thanks for supporting and good luck.

nhu12 is my username.


Your all set.

New prize has been added to this contest. With all of the prizes listed above you will also have a chance to win a brand new Gameness Single Weave gi.

Check first post for details of contest and the other prizes.