Win XP Blue Screen - Help!

I come to the OG Computing Elite in search of a remedy for what is ailing my Dell Dimension XPS workstation.

Upon attempting to boot the PC, I am met with a blue screen error "IRQL_Not_Less_Than_Or_Equal". When I attempt to boot into Safe Mode, the PC loads drivers up to the infamous "Mup.sys" and then hangs. In doing some research, it seems possible that the next file to be loaded (after Mup.sys) is corrupt. In reading, it was suggested that this file maintains a listing of plug & play devices and is updated every time the PC reboots.

I have tried everything I can think of to get the PC to boot, alas to no avail. Once DELL finally sent me the Windows XP Media Center Edition Recovery CD (took them three days) I found I was not even able to boot from the CD because - duh - it's not a CD at all, it's a DVD and my DVD drive is the "Slave" to the CD Drive's "Master" (the "Slave" drive is not an option from the Boot menu).

I am hoping to accomplish a few things, and I'd appreciate any advice I can get. I'd like to fix the error and preserve my files if at all possible. If that cannot be accomplished, is there any way I can preserve my files (if I need to reload Windows)?

Thanks OG. Again, any advice would be appreciated.


  • Savage

Good stuff KKMer - I was given similar advice on the OG. Thanks for your help and I'll give it a go.


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One more question KKMer - I was told that by using the "Repair" option that I would still lose all of the files in the "My Documents" folder? Is this correct?


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I used this process many times and it worked very well.

that error is supposed to occur due to faulty drivers, but can also be from heat and they say its a driver issue.

check your temps if you can and search the exact error these places:;en-us;KBHOWTO