Windows help

Every once in awhile, after an evening of cruising the web when I fire up the computer the next day I have desk top links, and links in my favorites, and my home page is set to some search site. I am running window 2000 NT, what can I do to prevent this?

run adaware and get ride of the spyware

or u got a virus

most likely spyware

get it from, search for adaware install run update and delete everything it finds even MS shit

then install google toolbar from there services and tools section to block popups

will do! thanks!

no proble,m

Now I am getting owned by globaldialer, it kicks me off the web and tries to dial overseas. To top it off it installs itself on my stert up, links, desktop, etc...
Also, I have windows 2000, is there any way to make it not suck so hard?