Windows "LongHorn" Alpha

Got my MSDN Universal Subscription....Got the PDC version of the LongHorn OS, and "Whidbey" with the next version of C# - also "Indigo". This is great; I'm all geeked out this weekend. WinFX is going to rock and .NET will become the de facto. I'll be impressed if anyone on this IT forum understands what I'm talking about. :)


Yeah, back when WinXP came out there was a Loghorn front end to it that could be found. Pretty cool stuff but I wonder how much has changed since then

it's funny how much of the new features you have to shut off to make it usefull. The OS that is. How's the new visual studio?

Yes it is not only funny, but it sucks. That's alpha code for you though.

The new VS is sweet. I can see switching from C# to VB for the edit-and-continue feature alone. Awesome, awesome, and extremely awesome productivity feature. The C# team blew it by not including that feature in their langauge. Bumbs me out.

I felt that way when I downloaded the alpha for NT5.

Poor, poor M$.

that poor, poor M$ i$ making the$sean$ter a lot of money. ;-)