Windows Media Player Question???

Hi All.

I have some "mp3's" with the file name extensions of ".mpga" (mpeg audio) that I have been trying to open with Windows media player. I had been opening them up just fine with Windows Media Player all year and just recently, I had to do a clean wipe of my computer b/c of a virus. Now the media player generates an error everytime I try to open up my ".mpga" files.

Does anyone know what I need to do?

Please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.


You should tell us the exact error message.

But... if it really is a mp3 file then just change the extension to .mp3.

How do you know that the virus didnt corrupt the files? Try plsying them in a different player such as winamp.

What does the error message say?

Thanks. Just got it too work. It seemed all my files were corrupt and I just redownloaded them all. Thanks for the effort though!