Windows reg problems (F$%* MS)

I have a LEGIT copy of XP pro, and now that I've got my new hardware in, it's telling me I need to re-register with a new CD key that I have to BUY. That's fucked up. Fuck that and fuck them.

I tried a pirate key, but it didn't work. Anywhere I can go from here aside from installing a whole new copy? I have SP1 installed.

google around for a cd keygen

I believe you can call Microsoft and tell them your motherboard went out. They should give you another key. If not, let me know if you still need a key in a few weeks. (Before your 30 days expires)

30 nothin, I have 3 days. 2.5 now. I'll give em a call.

They told me to stick it. I told em I had only used this copy on one PC, just altered it a few times. They said they couldn't confirm that, and if I'm out of regs I'm out of regs. Fuck this shit. Now I'm going to steal it just to spite them.

That sucks! Leave your email.

Do you have a pre-SP1 CD, or a CD with SP1 already installed?

CD with SP1, pretty sure.

top, I'm running out of time :P

I'll be able to hook you up around tomorrow morning.

thanks Quinn, much appreciated.

I'd like to avoid reinstalling if at all possible, Alpo.

well, screw you!

You've got mail.