Windows WEP cracking possbile :)
Aircrack 2.1 )

So first off

You must collect packets, so, if you want to crack your own WEP. Do this.....Setup WEP without your laptop knowing the key (doh)

Then load Airopeek up, then start collecting packets, it has to go through a decent amount of bandwith before it can pick em up.

So you'll have a pcap file now.

Input the pcap file into aircrack....
wait a little while :) (100% processor usage)

then walla, after it finds enough weak IV's, it will give you the WEP key :)

Have fun, but be responsible

I'm going to have fun with the programmers in the air force dorms here as they "know" soooo muchhhhh stuff (gag, they play MMORPG all fucking day)

I'll just netsend a little "ow3ed" to them :)

Aircrack makes it possible to crack WEP faster because it does statistical analysis against IV's collected, and not necessarily weak keys.

Good read:

hancock, you better braindump :)

Aircrack is where its at now for cracking WEP, airsnort did it in a pretty inefficiant way, if I wasn't at the bar drinking, I'd explain it more. Just look it up though.

The guy that wrote and ported aircrack is a good guy, he is on giving a lot of advice out and program advice.


Does Kismet crack WEP?

Kismet does not crack wep

But kismet can detect networks that aren't doing a SSId broadcast, grantedr that you are on tha tchannel that the SSId is broadcasting

Airopeek and Aircrack were orignally devlpoed for Linux, so there ya go mofos :)