Windows XP, can it be imaged?

I work a tech support job and Im busy rolling out some new xp's. I havent been able to get around the license verification error after having imaged a machine. I dont want to use a password hack because these are all government pc's. Is there any way to image xp machines successfully or am I just wasting my time?

sysprep if memory serves correct.

We image XP machines by the hundreds. After you're through tweaking, run sysprep on the machine. Sysprep takes a little getting used to, so read up all you can, and play around with it before you use it for real. We use a corporate key in the answer file, so there's no need for activation. If you don't have a corporate key, I would guess that you would need to manually activate any machines after imaging with a different license code.

rfwuinn, thats the software, couldnt remeber the name, and didnt want to walk all the way out back to the tech area to ask