Winds of Change

I love this song, always have…

I’m American but was born in West Germany due to my parents being there in military. Still through my grandmother I come from Prussian stock and lived in Landstuhl until I was 7, so when I say I’m Prussian there’s more substance there than if I say I’m Irish simply because my father’s parents came from Cork. I actually saw the Berlin Wall when it was standing and I’m old enough to remember the far to common stories of people being machine gunned down trying to get from the East side of the Wall to the West and I remember when the Wall came down in 1989. I remember my Grandmother crying when she talked about it and when she got a phone call from a brother she hadn’t heard from in 30 years because he got trapped on the wrong side of the Wall. This song was released after the fall of the Berlin Wall but has always been closely tied to the event as well as being considered by many as the anthem of German re-unification. It’s a song filled with hope for a better world set against the backdrop of the Revolutions of 1989 when Communist states were collapsing across Europe.

I love this song, but it increasingly bittersweet to me as I look around the world and the media and even within our own government where elected officials and representatives of the administration refuse to condemn a Communist crackdown only 90 miles off our shores. 30 years later people seem to have forgotten the horrors of Communism, and especially among the youth positive opinions about the ideology are actually on the rise. Recent polling found 32% of Millennials and more than half of all Gen Z’ers had a favorable opinion of the ideology. That’s terrifying for anyone old enough to remember a time when half of Europe lived under the ideology.

I’m going to be Ironic for a moment and quote the most famous Communist in history… “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”


Thanks for sharing your story. I was trying to find a live version and passed a few thinking he was lip syncing but I found some subtleties here. Hes just got a fantastic voice.

Scorpions - Wind Of Change (Wetten, dass..?, 29.06.1991) - YouTube


OP is correct.

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Wiki says the song is about Russian reunification and inspired by the bands trip to The Soviet Union. Also Moskva and Gorky Park are in Russia. But they are a German band and its cool that you relate to them.

I agree, the song is great and one of my Favorites.

EDIT: I apologize. Upon further research, the song did in fact become associated with the fall of the Berlin wall. Sorry.


Great song and cool story OP, you make good points.

Have always liked this song. Awesome band. THanks for some back story.

IT is interesting that they are a German band that plays in English. I think I understand why, but are there other bands like this?

Because everything used to sell here. Thats why most bands tried going full yank and lose their accent. I like that the scorpions didnt or couldnt completely lose it. Sounds cooler.

Many… The basic rule is if you want to be more than a regional band limited to your country, you need to sing in English. I think it owes mostly to English as a secondary language being so common throughout the world.

We may simply be doomed to go through our own period of Marxism. If the youth are a predictor of our future it may be inevitable. Someone said recently that the farther away any given system is to Communism the more susceptible it may be to embracing it… That may turn out to be true.

“For Americans who weren’t alive under the Cuban Missile Crisis or the fall of the Berlin Wall, communism is just an economic system, not a political one.”

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