Winfield Festival

Just got back from the Walnut Valley Fest. It is the home to the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championships and the National Flatpicking Contest. There were some mighty fine pickers playing the stages also like Tommy Emmanuelle and Brian Sutton.. Sort of like an acoustic music Mardi Gras with around 25,000 folks camping and probably 100k in attendance..

This contest always inspires me as some of the hottest acoustic guitar players in the world/country compete for $3000.00, a $5000 - $10,000 guitar (Collings, Martin, Gallagher) and stage time . Plus the campground jams go on constantly for 4 days with lots of great bluegrass, gypsy swing, jam band, speed grass, blues etc..

Sorry for the pointless post but I am pumped.. I better go practice now.

Cool man, Tommy Emmaunal is a badass!

Tommy is the shit.. The hottest player I saw was a guy named Jimmy Gyles (violin). I`m old and cynical and it takes alot to really knock me for a loop but this guy was simply fucking amazing..

Also one of the highlights was when Split Lip Rayfield played. The guitar player/singer is dying of cancer and looked like hell, but the crowd was HUGE and going nuts..An emotional moment for everyone.

It was a great few days.. guess it`s time to climb back down in my rut now.

Love a good fiddle!

I ... uncharacteristically .... STILL have not checked out Tommy Emmanuel. And I see there's a new DVD out. Torn between just getting it, waiting till I get to hear him first, and just springing for another Bireli DVD instead.

I heard some great TE fingerstyle playing, and some cornyish 'suoer
guitar' playing. Both were pretty impressive! Anybody who swung with
Chet has something going for them.

what is suoer guitar?

It like super guitar, but spelled different!

LOL. I still don't know what "cornyish super guitar playing" means! Is it just macho wanking?

Wankery is often effective live... depending on how judiciously used.

Yeah, effective live wankery is another way to put it. I've yet t pick up a
full album by him, but I have his fingerstyle book which comes with a
cool stripped down cd of him playing live off the floor.

When I get my fusion band together, I think I'll call it "Effective Live Wankery".