Wing Chuner challenge Amature Boxer...


wing chun guy was outworking him until he got caught

 Why is it that everytime someone starts a thread about it, they don't know how it's spelled?

 Tough going against a guy that much taller, but the little guy was putting his head way up to try and be as tall as the other guy.  That's a disaster waiting to happen.

Not even a contest - just a matter of time.

I will say this though - wing Chun guy beats the snot out of most people around his size that haven't trained. So its not as useless as people here might think.

Wing Chun guy fought a bit like Chang Seob Lee and could probably go 0-4 in K1 MMA matches

Holy luker!!! 20 posts since '01...lmao. That's talent.

Boxer wasn't even taking it seriously.

Wing Chun guys almost always seem to go down to a right/left hook...They like to attack the centre line and rush forward, thinking this would drive their opponent backwards but a skilled striker will always be able to angle to the opponent"s dead side and deal the knockout blow....

I think Wing Chun is actually great for close range trapping and striking but i dunno this obsession of Wing Chun guys to rush straight with their so called machine gun Wing Chun punches...its kinda sucidal most of the time....maybe i just havent seen a really skilled WIng Chun guy do it in a real fight....

Aside from the obvious reach disadvantage, the main problem for the "wing chun" guy is his footwork is not very good in that vid. If you don't have good footwork in wing chun little else matters. In combat sports you can get away with bad footwork a little more cuz the gloves don't give you instant "feedback" like bare fists.

Realistically most of the guys who are considered top level strikers have great footwork and build everything else off that.

Boxers are better athletes than Wing Chunners. Proven here

here's another Wing chuner from the same event.. total ass whopping..

 HUGE size and reach adavantage for the boxer

he was cocky asshole too

SLIGHT Reach disadvantage it would be neat to see him against someone his own size he was doing a bit more in terms of pressing the pace and being the aggressor

Not sure I understand wang chung offense.

If the styles had been reversed, tall guy would still have won. Different level of atheleticism, strength, quickness, conditioning. Not to mention height and reach.

But all that being said - if wing chun doesn't KO someone with those spastic flurries (and hard to see how it would), you have zero defense for counters. Seems like a bad plan. Can't do what Machida does, because he jumps in for straight power shots and jumps out. Wing Chun needs multiple light strikes to be effective. Thus, you're in range to get lit. Would be fun to see wing chun v. an old school muay thai guy who just walks through those strikes.

"Not sure I understand wang chung offense."

Well, imo the first vid above didn't really reflect anything I would call Wing Chun offense. It's not an offenive art per se. The practioner above was really boxing more than "Wang Chunnin", which is fine, boxing is an incredible discipline and probably my favorite for hands.

The thing about WC is there is a specific strategy based on the set of techniques and "structure" the art provides, if you deviate too far from that you are rendering the strengths of the art almost useless. It's more suited to in close "phone booth" type fighting where the practioner creates a "paradox", or scenario where they gain an advantage by limiting the opponents good options. At that point the practioner would explode on the "opportunity" and fully commit with their offense to beat their opponent down. Nothing very gracefull about it truthfully, just the intent to inflict as much pain as possible.

If one attempts to "free lance" or improvise with their strategy or techniques rather than stick within the strength of the art and the idea of eliminating their opponents advantage, they will minimize the effectiveness of their Wing Chun. Disciplines like boxing/kickboxing or Moo Tie (just kidding, I know how to spell it) are better suited to improvising and mixing things up as long as they are still technically sound in the delivery of their techniques.

Just my 2 cents.

IMO,bad W.C...not representing principles,or,tactics.Yip Man would not fight this way,at all.Firstly,zoning to zero pressure and interception.Secondly,keep your distance and yer head down low...

great post quick2tap

hands to low and zero head movement

little dude did not land 1 thing that hurt tall dude....not one

even cecil peeps woulda scored this 1