Wings fans roll call

Let me hear ya.

Let's do the damn thing this time and bring the cup back where it belongs.

the cup belongs in edmonton but seeing as it isnt' going to happen this season....


No,I mean guys that bleed red and white.I do.

Anyone else???

All of those pillowbiting Euros on the Wings are just praying the Oilers dont grab that last spot.

Yay! Another presidents cup!


Even being a team sorely lacking experience, the Oil could yes, once again make the Leagues ahem, 'best' team bow out meekly.


Sure.If only that team of high school kids could make the playoffs.

Maybe in 4 years they'll get their chance @ the Wings in the first round.

I'm a Wings fan.  Great Show!!


And those chicks were hot.

Well,two of them anyway...

I'm a huge Wings fan

Presidents cup KID!!!

 Wings all the way