Winnepeg this weekend.....

Team Tompkins is on there way to Winnepeg. Gladiators "Night of Champions" event, competing from Ontario will be Alex 'Pecker' Gasson who will be fighting a 5 round K1 rules fight with Mark Durant and our 'Hands of Stone' Sam Stout will be fighting also in a 5 Round K1 battle vs veteran 'Smokin' Joe Zcyhowka.

We're looking forward to seeing lots of our Winnepeg friends. We'll be back in Toronto for fights Saturday night when Team Tompkins fighter Brian 'BB2" MacEachern fights on the Siam #1 show in a K1 rules fight as well. and


Kick ass fellas !!

Best of Luck Team Tompkins!

Dude - how can you not know how to spell Winnipeg?