Winner of Chuck v Tito

will still only be the #4th ranked LHW. So please refrain from putting the winner at the # 1 spot.

That is all.


Who`s number 3?

No Rampage in there huh?

Didn't he beat Chuck convincingly about 3 months ago??

Also, if Vitor "hasn't done enough lately", how can you have Tito in the top 5?? He hasn't won a fight in 15 MONTHS!!

Sorry Brian, but after your #1 and 2, I can't agree with ya.

Can't get any better than MJ's list.

Rampage vs Randy? who wins? i say rampage.

MJ is correct

"Rampage vs Randy? who wins? i say rampage."

this must be a joke right...

someone tell me this is a joke!!!!

Henderson is top five too!

what u mean when he fought to a decision with vanderlei and won against rua??? TIT

How could anyone have a top 5 that doesn't include Rampage, but does include Belfort? Am I crazy, or has Vitor not outfought anyone high-level in six years?

mj is pretty good.

randy just said he thinks chuck is the better fighter and will beat tito

vitor should have got the win against chuck. he won the first two rounds but chuck finished better. without the knock down in the 3rd chuck would not have won. befort finished in good shape.

As much as I like Chuck, he isn't top 5 anymore. I say;

1. Couture

2. Silva

3. Rampage

4. Ortiz

5. Belfort

Liddell's lost to Horn, Couture, and Rampage. Tito has lost to Mezger, Shamrock, and Couture. Liddell's list of victories has the edge over Tito's in my opinion, so my list would be


MJ list is good but u have to Flip Randy and Silva.

1. Randy lost his last fight. Sorry, u don't stay #1 after u lose your last fight.

2. Silva is undefeted in what? last 2 years...he won a 8 man tourny and he drew Cro Cop. I don't think Randy v Cro Cop ends in a draw.

"Excuse me! Where is the Pride undefeated LHW, Ricardo Arona?"

Good question! He hasn't fought in over a year! Thus, he doesn't deserve to be on any top 10 lists.

P.S. Arona has one loss.

Arona's drawn out, unconvincing decision wins do not qualify him....sorry.