Winner of Volkov vs Minakov is best Russ HW

According to Bellator HW Champ Alexander Volkov

“I think there are other tough Russian fighters who do not have a chance to showcase their skills on an international level yet and whom I haven’t faced yet,” he said. “So it’s hard to say if the winner of this fight will be the greatest current Russian fighting. The toughest opponents are not the ones who are already on the top, but the ones who are climbing there.

“So, officially, the one who wins would be the best Russian heavyweight fighter today. But realistically, it would be hard to know this for sure.”

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He's probably right. Maybe Sergei, but I don't know. Phone Post

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe - He's probably right. Maybe Sergei, but I don't know. Phone Post

Sergei fights this Saturday morning US time in M-1. Be sure to watch! 

Russians HWs throwing down!


Kongo, you're next!

liquidrob - Minakov!

Kongo, you're next!

What did you think of the stoppage?  that shit was terrible.  Minakov looked good though but sucks the ref fucked that up instead of letting Minakov get a legit finish, which I think would have came if he let it continue.

I can't stand early stoppages, title fight makes it worse