Winner Take All Challenge to Jeff Neal


On Saturday Sept 15, 2007 you and I were supposed to meet in the cage at Total Fight Challenge to sort out this “top dog” business. As you are aware, an unfortunate injury lead to my withdrawal from the event and we were supposed to have reconvened this matter at some stage this year as schedules and circumstance would permit.

Well that time has now come.

I have been waiting patiently for an overture from the promoter and there has been none forthcoming. I have not, as of yet, heard anything from him or for that matter, have I heard anything from your camp either. What I have heard however, is that you have taken my incapacitation as some kind of moral victory and furthermore, you have chosen to both privately and publicly deride and insult both me and the cancer fighting campaign that I support.

Name calling and saber rattling is all part of the game that I understand, but I had thought you above such smarmy posturing and prattling, such childish foolishness. Clearly I was wrong, and now you must not only insult me but also the charity to feed your bloated ego? This I cannot, and will not countenance.

I am obliged now to set this right by issuing a challenge to you so here then is my challenge. A very public challenge.

Lets fight Jeff, at we were supposed to last year. We can fight in a cage, a ring, a back yard, or a street corner I don’t care where but lets fight. Three round, five rounds, ten rounds or twenty, whatever it takes, lets just fight. There will be no more more fun time press conferences and dog and pony show interviews. No more gentle jibes and funny lines. Lets fight and fight ugly because now your insults have awoken the sleeping beast and I am motivated beyond all reason to leave you broken and bloody on the mat.

Play time is over…now lets fight.

And, heres the best part Jeff, just so you know how serious I am.

This fight will be WINNER TAKE ALL. My purse against yours. The winner walks away with everything and the loser walks away with nothing, save perhaps some dignity and a bloody face.

So there is the challenge Jeff. Laid out for all and sundry to bear witness. Direct from me to you. I am sure you will have some of your lackeys come on here and talk some more sh*t because thats what you like to do but they will be ignored. I want you to come on here and respond, yes or no.
We can fight at a local event in the fall depending on which promoter wants this fight the most, but we will fight. Count on it.

If you respond here, publicly "yes", then game on. Lets find the promoter to make this happen. If no, then show some class and remove your foot from your mouth and replace it with duct-tape.

Now, let’s see if your bite can match your bark.

Vaughan Palelei


Point very clearly and articulately made.

WoW thats a proper call out if i've seen one!

 Uh oh.



This should be fun....

Perfect main event for the Ironcrown!!


There arnt a lot of fighters out there that cant beat you.


 I would love to put this on The next Combat-do Fighting Challenge June 28th.

Vaughan lets roll!

call me I lost my old phone 1-708-222-8100

just when i thought most of the grudges in Chicago were over...

 Yeah, are there really any more of the old Chicago grudges left?


What did Jeff supposedly say? What's your source? I've talked to him a few times (not too many) before and just after the fight was supposed to occure and he never had anything bad to say.

I'd put this on my August event Vaughan.

 Oh, good grief, guys.  So much drama.



 ttt for some answers!


i wish i could articulate like that.

you been called!