WinningEleven7-football@its Best

this is the best football(soccer) game out. EVER! this makes FIFA from EA look like SHIT!

Konami came through with this series of games. old N64 fans might remember International SuperStar Soccer... this is its big brother!

if you enjoy football, the way it should be played... with accurate through balls.. and good AI.... give it a go... you will not be disappointed!

Yup. I agree. It has better game mechanics than Fifa2004. Urrgh!! 2003 is much better. I hate the 2004 version. Less responsive.

they need to get the FIFA license

that game is badass. i loved ISS for 64 and didn't even realize this was the "sequel" until recently. i've played the last few FIFA games and they just don't compare to the realism and fun that this game offers.

damn.. I'm glad to see there are some people interested in real football...

LOL @ nfl=football.

the nfl/afl is an invention of the 20th century... real football has been around for many years....

I agree they need to get a fifa liscense... in addition to more from the leagues around the world... just having a couple accurate teams is kinda lame...

but the game still kicks serious ass!