Winnipeg / Sylvio Behring Team

Rodrigo Munduruca, Bob, Glen, Joao Vasconcelos, Ze Gringo, Todd, Ralph, Tino, Todd Kowalsky, Curtis, Joey, Josh, Jeff, Nicole, John, Stuart, Marcus, Bruce...

It would like to wish to all the members of the team, a Marry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

How all the defeats, victories and conquests of 2003, are foundation and motivation to win the 2004 challenges!

We enter in ours eighth year of relationship and seems that already it comes of other generations!

You are reason of joy and pride, friendship and Obliged admiration..., my teams, my family!

Marry Christmas and Happy 2004!

All the best, but the weather...canĀ“t do anything, sorry!

Sylvio Behring

It includes Kyle cardinal and all Behring Teammates from edmonton!!!

All the best for you!!!

Sylvio Behring

Merry Christmas to u too professor, tell everybody there " Feliz Natal". Mumu

TTT to the Winterpeg Crew.





Merry X-mas back at you muh bruthuh!

Thanks Professor,

Come back this summer for a round of Golf !
All the best in the New Year.


How's it going down there?
Have a good christmas. We're training like crazy
here. Derek "Homer simpson" Riel also says
hello. He's back in action.haha.
We'll See ya here again!

merry xmas to Professor, from all the guys @ Behring Edmonton and too Munduruca and Family!

Munduruca is da man!

Could someone post the address for the club Mr. Munduruca teaches at? My buddy is stationed there in the armed forces and has done a little training and wants to maybe get into it their in Winnipeg. Also I have been to Winnnipeg to visit him and wouldn't mind knowing the address so if I am ever there again I can possibly drop by.

IMAF BEHRING is located @ 2 Donald unit 5, its between Gertrude and Donald just around the "confusion corner". Everyone is welcome to come and train with us anytime.