im gonna be working a boxing fight on the 11th in winnipeg ,
wanted to know if anyone could recommend a good nightclub to go to?

I'll let you know when I get there....I will be fighting Del Ritchie on that card.

What are you doing if you don't mind my asking?

Jason St-Louis

International Martial Arts is the best Nighclub and Day-spa u can go,We'll make sure u have a good time.....Tommy u jackass u make sure u call me when u get in town! 204- 284-9511.

*jots down number for future prank calls*


is there Much MMA events in winterpeg?

rodrigo wassup,ill give you a call when i get in

i know del very well, ive sparred him a few times, we used to train at the same gym, im working the corner of boxer Tony Pep whos fighting mark riggs on the same card