Winston Churchill...thoughts?

Fuck off, communist.

If Halifax became PM instead of Churchill, Soviet Russia would have become lebensraum for the Third Reich.


Then re-elected.

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Eh… Soviet Russia were the reason Germany were defeated.

Chamberlain signed the “Peace for our time” treaty with Germany in 1938. A treaty that Hitler never intended to adhere to, and which led to Churchill replacing Chamberlain in 1940.

Hitler was going to do what Hitler wanted to do, and would have attacked the UK regardless of any treaty.


A man true unto himself. His writing is often biased towards himself but what great wartime personality was not? Ludendorf and others were much the same.

Churchill does have compelling delivery.

He was racist scum. Hope he gets canceled

Complicated guy depending on your point of view was hated for using the Army to break strikes.

Infamous for not paying his bills running up debts with business and using his mother to open doors for him.

Renowned for starting shit then leaving his man to face the music whilst he sneaked off.

But he’s a national hero.

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If Halifax became PM, he would have agreed to terms and this would mean no Lend Lease and no constant drain on resources to the Western Allies.

German-held Murmansk and Leningrad would be feeding war materiel directly to the northern front, while Fall Blau’s success in the Caucasus would eliminate 95% of Soviet oil production. The Third Reich would stretch all the way to the Urals and there’s nothing they could do about it.

Possibly but when the US and UK ran the ruler over the USSR at the start of barbarossa they thought the USSR was done for in 3 months.

Even with everything arrayed against them and fighting on multiple fronts, the Germans still came DAMN close to capturing Leningrad and the Caucasus.

Standing alone, the Soviets wouldn’t have been able to prevent the irreversible loss of vital territory and resources.