Anyone taking are know anyone taking Winstrol? Does it help with cutting weight?

Winstrol is great for muscle maintenance while trying to drop a few pounds. You will get some nice strength gains as well.

Personally, i find winstrol a little tough on the joints. Especially wrists/elbows.

Winstrol is also a little tough on the hairline.

If you're looking for less side effects, you might want to try something like primo or anavar, though both are significantly more expensive.

also illegal

Assuming you are in a locale that it is legal to take those supplements, take Anavar or Winstrol.

I am told that no one uses Winny to get big, but everyone "in the know" uses it for cutting weight and getting ripped.


thats what I'm told.

cutting the amount of weight one can lose without sacrificing muscle can easily be done with diet and without physiology altering chemicals. If you're looking to "cut weight" and gain muscle mass and feel the need to use juice, there are better drugs than winnie. Too many side effects, imo.

There are other drugs to counter the side effects. Its not a secret or anything.

Yes, it's Illegal.... You should go to and they have everything you want to know about it on there... It actually is made to treat cardiovascular prblems and low blood pressure I beleive.