Winter Camp

"this one time at Winter Camp..." (just joking)

I would like to apologize for having to make such a hasty exit on Sunday. I wish I could have stuck around to say a proper goodbye to everyone and let them know how much I enjoyed meeting and training with them over the weekend. Alas, I had to hurry in order to catch a 4:00 flight. Although John D. did a fantastic job with directions and driving at speeds that were so fast I believe we were close to actually traveling back in time....not to mention his death defying trick over the highway divider (Ben you would have been proud to see John's grace during this move) even with all that I was unable to catch the flight and had to spend a mind numbing five hours touring the Philadelphia airport.

For everyone who was there this weekend, THANK YOU. For anyone thinking about going to a seminar, or a class or getting in contact with anyone from ROSS, stop thinking and start doing.

Shawn Mozen

Hey, Winkyticklebear. When my wife asked me about everyone I met at the camp, your description was the I guess she will have to wait to see the picture of you with the bear....

Take care everyone....

keep in touch....



It was great meeting and training with you. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Please keep in touch -- my e-mail is


I second Shawn's sentiments. Thank you to all the camp attendees; all of you contributed to the group's strong sense of tribe. I only regret that we had such a short time together. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.


P.S. Please keep in touch! My e-mail is above.

Touch my belly.


Special thanks goes out to the AARMACS staff. You acted as the lens that focused the respective abilities and energies of the attendees.

In particular, I would like to thank Scott Fabel, who not only took time to answer all of my questions coming in to the camp, but also drove camp attendees to and from the airport.

I am looking forward to the next camp.

David Pilkinton

Aw, man, I wish me n' Dan had known, you coulda had
pizza with us.

Or if you were stuck outside the gate area, we coulda brought some out for you. ;)

Keep in touch, all!


It was a pleasure meeting you & training with you buddy.

Let's keep in touch!

Be well, train smart, & stay aware,


Thanks David


Thank you, Mister Sonnon! They fit juuuuuust right!